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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Today I turned into calle....and instead of being greeted by the usual builder's bum and his van with its doors open as if he wants me to fall into the back of either I saw it had been replaced by a van I have never seen before which bore the name Top Gel on the side. I read these words with a pronunciation worthy of a Wodehouse character, 'Top Gel' as in top gel, top totty or something like that and then realised the 'gel' bit referered to what was inside, stuff frozen, or frozen stuff. I know most of the names on the side of lorries and vans which Henderson attributes to a condition. There is the 'El Tomate Veloz' or the Speedy Tomato which I guess is a greengrocer's but sounds like something you would see in Africa like Speedy Motors in Botswana.

Still no sign of the pedestrianised street and square we were promised would happen 'after Christmas' (sic) but other streets have been started on so hopefully ours will be soon. I've noticed the Plaza Zaragoza or Navarra as it is also called has had huge plant pots dragged across the entrance so as to 'ease in' the locals to the idea of pedestrianisation.

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