Tuesday, 27 June 2017


I used to prepare the Private Eye lunches upstairs at the Coach and Horses Soho.

I get a mention of sorts in Keith Waterhouse's play Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell, set in the Coach.

I got barred from the Coach along with many others for showering journalists with sweets.

Due to the exodus down the road to the French House and loss of takings at the Coach we were invited back within a week.

I slept upstairs at the Coach but was unable to get to the bar on account of the laser beam across the doorway.

I helped Paul the barman carry Jeffrey Bernard into the pub.

Norman Balon the landlord chased me round the bar with a broken hoover part demanding to know who broke it.

Coming down the stairs of the Coach one morning with a heavy tray a la Mrs Overall I overheard the three Irish barmen talking about women. I heard one of them ask what the others thought about me. I nearly dropped the tray when I heard Brian say 'I bet she's a little demon in bed'.