Thursday, 26 April 2018


Bonsoir! Everyone's favourite enemy of the state here. As a British citizen you will lose voting rights in local and European elections next year if you live in the EU. To avoid this I filled out my paperwork to change my nationality at the council. Spanish bureaucracy involves being sent to various departments until you go mad and book yourself into a lunatic asylum but can also involve a history/geography lesson explaining to the civil servant why Ireland wasn't England or in the United Kingdom and something called 'the sea' and pleading with her not to change my nationality from British to Northern Irish and then the redoing of the whole thing as she managed to changed my nationality from British to British leaving me feeling a bit like Al Pacino in Godfather Three ( 'just when ya think you got out, they pull ya right back in...'). When I asked her when would I find out if I can have the right to vote she looked a bit vague and replied that it could be three weeks, two days, five months, ten years,who knows, whenever. I offered to speed things up by taking the paperwork to the other office and for a moment she seemed keen as it meant she wouldn't have to do it herself but then her eyes flickered suggesting she didn't want to get involved with anything that had a whiff of corruption about it, what with the present climate and everything. I had all this sorted seventeen years ago. I still have to do all the necessary changes with health, work, etc etc. Thanks for nothing fucking Brexiteers!