Friday, 18 March 2016


One of my Facebook posts mysteriously disappeared. It was about the Catholic charity opposite which has been set up to help and house pregnant women at risk from 'social exclusion' which hasn't seen a soul pass through its doors since its inauguration six months ago and the brothel next door which has been doing a roaring trade since it opened about a year ago and how I couldn't help thinking there was some kind of connection. Well, there has been a development. I noticed something the other day as I looked up from my book, Secret Judaism and the Spanish Inquisition. There was someone at the window of the institution. I squinted in the hope they wouldn't squint back but saw it wasn't a person and that a poster had been put up on the wall of one of the rooms. At first it looked like one of those teenage posters of pop stars but had a sort of seventies feel about it, maybe David Essex or the better looking one in Sparks but once the glasses were on it was something quite different. A religious poster of Mary Mother of God and child. I gather they are preparing for the imminent arrival of a mother kicked out of wherever she was staying. Maybe it's the second coming, or the first whichever way you look at it. There are after all only 281 days until Christmas.