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Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I've just been watching Cameron and Clegg standing in the garden of Downing Street and wondering if they had plotted this marriage not on the playing fields of Eton or Westminster if they have them,but perhaps in a field somewhere in Norwich in the late eighties after taking some ecstacy. It all seems quite surreal at the moment and I wonder if people will get used to it. It all sounded too good to be true and I can't wait to see this week's Have I Got News For You.

Meanwhile back here it seems Obama has been on the blower to Zapatero to pull his finger out and start cutting and he has proposed to cut the salaries of civil servants including his own. The queues opposite where I live grow by the day as people come to get food and clothing from the charity run there. Most of the people are women and Muslim and quite a few disgruntled gypsies.

Last Saturday we tried to enter the 21st century by upgrading to Broadband or ASDL as it is probably known here. There is a good offer from Telefonica but neither Henderson or I trust them or any other telephone company and were flabbergasted that we would have to give them our bank details from now on instead of turning up at a bank and paying in cash. I feel I am turning into either one of my parents as I didn't understand the new mobile I bought either and ended up paying three euros a day just because I had clicked on a couple of applications to see what they were. The nice young man helped me three days later when I realised what had happened and hopefully has blocked them as it seems jolly expensive trying to keep up with what's going on in the world. The long and the short of it is that we ended opening up a seperate account just for Telefonica so hopefully this weekend I will get or at least start the process of getting WI-FI etc installed.

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Mike the Traditionalist said...

I have been using Telef√≥nica for six years now and I have just the internet and telephone. In total it costs me 69,96 € a month. Hope you noticed I am using the comma in place of the period for the decimal point - must keep up with the Spanish tradition. Internet download speed listed as 6 mb. Watch out for an antivirus charge in case you are using your own and not theirs. You may be getting a special offer which could be cheaper than above for a specific period. I don't use the phone service very often and usually only get incoming calls so my bill is as above on a regular basis. Every now and then I get calls from Telef√≥nica asking me if I would like the TV service etc. and I always say the TV is basura and I only use the internet. I finish off by telling how fantastic I think their service is to which they often reply with thanks in a tone of excitement. Other useless calls from sales people usually are told I am 99 and have only 4 more months till I reach 100 so would they please call back in four months time. So far no life insurance calls but hoping.