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Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Henderson has been telling me all along 'don't encourage them' meaning stop giving them, our Spanish cousins any means to do his head in anymore than it has been done in already. People here want to know what I think and being so isolated, unable to understand English, and therefore unable or unwilling in some cases to read or watch anything outside the Spanish press they often seem shocked that stuff is being reported 'de fuera' or abroad. In the past I have suggested they read, not just every kind of alternative to what they don't read here but most can't be bothered. I am sure it is different in Madrid and Barcelona for example but it isn't in this small town and I imagine it is the same in other small towns across Spain. The amount of general ignorance here is astonishing and any mention of this or attempts to change or instill some sense of what the hell is going on has often been greeted by claims that what we are saying is something anglo sajon, that our world view, ideas and everything are tainted by our Anglo Saxon upbringing. Our culture, our set of beliefs handed down to us by our parents, schooling etc have been ridiculed from the first day we arrived and now I see protesters in the main square calling on a new type of democracy and I wonder what they will come up with. My voice and thoughts won't be heard. It is difficult to get 4A and B to shut up and listen on a good day and even as I write this I wonder if despite the lack of excitement in my weary bones, that maybe something big is in store. It's probably Anglo Saxon paranoia.

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