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Monday, 30 May 2011


Henderson can't get over me voting for the CHA. 'You'll be dancing and singing the bloody Jota next!' he cried from the kitchen. 'We'll be shouting at one another from different rooms soon', I bellowed from the bedroom. For me that's the beginning of the end. He said voting for the CHA is a bit like voting for the BNP, his argument being that only Aragonese people would get all the jobs if the CHA were in power. I like to think otherwise as there is a Japanese man called Tokio somewhere here in Aragon doing the rounds dressed in his Jota gear and ululates as best he can some traditional songs. Maybe I could become some sort of Aragonese mascot so long as I don't have to wear a hankie on me head.

Mercedes and Mrs C next door are as thick as thieves these days. She popped by last week and as she entered her new friend's flat I heard Mr C who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's say 'don't you bring that fucking dog in 'ere!' About half an hour later she left and Mr C was screaming 'she better not be leaving that fucking dog in 'ere!' On another occasion she left and called behind her 'the dog doesn't bother YOU does IT?' sarcastically and Mrs C replied 'No, not at all, pobrecito, poor thing'. Birds of a feather and all that. Well, at least I won't have the pobrecito shitting on my floor and up the sofa and then wiping his arse on my carpet anymore.

Loads of things have happened in the world lately. Apart from the obvious I learnt that Barak Obama has Irish roots and out of curiosity got the map down and had a look if it was anywhere near the two villages where my mum's family live and sure enough it is between the two. Moneygall is in between Roscrea and Nenagh but not necessarily in that order, Hoo Ha!

Last and least there is a man called James Brown. No, not the hardest working man in showbusiness, or the journalist, but a hairdresser no less who called a black TV presenter a nigger several times at the BAFTA's. This Mr Brown claims he was drunk, a bit like John Galliano, a designer, who recently told some fellow drinkers in a bar that their mothers and forefathers would all be fucking gassed. Charming.

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