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Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Henderson told me that they, the local TV station probably, were filming the soon to be pedestrianised square which incidentally is named after Alfonso el Batallador, which seems quite fitting given the constant battles fought in this town, including the one I had with Henderson in said square this morning after he was nearly run over on it and then threatened to kill the driver. Lots of arms and hands were raised and weird tribal noises uttered from both parties but these acts of aggression made me turn and retreat as there is nothing more ungallant than two men shouting at one another before noon.

It seems the timing is perfect. We have elections coming up and now our old mayor Fernando Elboj has gone to resume his job as senate down in Madrid, I am at pains to who I should vote for. Anyone aware of Harry Hill would know there is only one way to find out but having seen Luis Felipe, the present mayor ( PSOE) walking along the streets minus the bodyguards Elboj needed, I am quite enchanted. In fact Felipe had a gang of women around him the other evening which is in sharp contrast to the hordes of men in black that SenYor E needed. I will never forget the day Henderson lambasted them all for parking outside our garage with their bullet proof BMWs. There is a snag though, as I haven't received my polling card and dread to think of the scenario in search of one. Alternatives to Mr Felipe seem to be the CHA, or the Izquierda Unida but I would need to go and have a chat with them soon.

Regarding the PP, I saw a young girl with quite a spring in her step being followed by three men who seemed to be acting in a way that suggested she had robbed someone. Then I turned the corner and found myself on another square where someone had put out high tables to drink some coffee. I didn't know it at the time but the PP candidate Ana Alos had put the tables out and was having a chat with the locals and someone, the girl presumably, had made off with her mobile. Wonders will never cease.

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