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Sunday, 27 March 2011

While watching the events of yesterday I had a creepy feeling of deja vu and now realise on awakening this morning and looking out of the kitchen window at the evidence of a good time had by all, why. The riots in London resemble an average Saturday night out here. In fact I would say the Spanish could give the Brits a lesson in civil disobedience and criminal damage. I am quite used to seeing the recycling bins burnt to ashes and grafitti sprayed  willy-nilly by the youth of today here and so my fellow brothers and sisters back home look like a bunch of amateurs. Nevertheless, every generation should have its moment of excitement if the alternative is to stay in and watch Ant and Dec and down troughs of Coca-Cola..The memories of my  incendiary youth need a nudge now and then as do Henderson's whose arrest in Trafalgar Square some decades back need a little kick his way. The BBC reporter outside Top Shop in his gung-ho underpants, was creaming them at the excitement of it all, and while no fan of Sir Phillip who owns Top Shop I am sure I heard this reporter say the words 'this is Jew to....' Later the same journalist got an earful of beer from a bloke who thought what he was doing was cool so generally everyone got what they wanted. Meanwhile my own efforts at competing with Sir Phillip with my shop Top Wank have failed miserably like most of my stabs and cracks into the world of business.

Talking of H, he told me the other day that the Japanese had already rebuilt a road that had been destroyed by the tsunami while back in Britain Telegraph readers are so fed up with the state of their roads that they have started taking photos of potholes so they can get vent their anger. The roads here are in such a state that I thought I might send the Telegraph readers some photos just to make their day.The last I heard on the pedestrianisation of our barrio was that about 21 companies were vying for the job of doing it. Then today I read that the bar owners are not happy with the idea as what with the no smoking ban an' all they are losing enough money already and don't like the idea that the workmen might up tools and start the project now when money is to be made owing to the good weather. 'Can't you do it in winter?' they ask. It won't be interesting to see what happens unless the mayor has the balls to say 'I'm the boss here and we do it when I decide, that's why they call me the mayor'.

STOP PRESS!! just found out the council says the plans for the above will not be put back despite the bar owners grips and work should start sometime before May........

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