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Monday, 7 March 2011


Despite everything being in walking distance here I was thinking of learning how to drive. I must be the only person in town who doesn't and it's a real problem here with folk driving their kids to school, the school being the one round the corner and people driving into work when the furthest away you could ever be is at the most, thirty minutes walk. I was put off though when I bumped into a colleague who told me she decided to do the theory in English as she thought it would be easier. It isn't and she said the translation is appalling and she is constantly having to ask what each sentence means. She is from Egypt and is still in that bemused state most foreigners are in when they land here.

A comedian, Ed Byrne I think, said that women should never ask a man what they are thinking about as women don't realise man's capacity for thinking about nothing. Or if they are thinking about something it is usually something on the lines of imagining they are a spy. Yet I often have these imaginings too. Henderson and I have already worked out various escape routes if it should ever 'kick off' here. The fact that we both had the same thought, that things could ever 'kick off' here and thought about which direction to run means we are truly meant for one another. I'm not sure though if I should be troubled or honoured that H asked me if I would like to go to Libya and fight against Gaddafi, and that I have even run this thought through the old noodle. He won't be happy until there is a statue of us somewhere in honour of our part in some dictator's downfall. 

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