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Thursday, 3 March 2011


Mr Ceresuela (77) was arrested tonight. When I came home about five this afternoon there was a police car outside and I thought 'it can't be'. How many times will they come? Is there a limit to these things? When I got to my door I saw the policeman who came about Piti the Priapic Poodle on Sunday and he gave me a look that lasted for less than a second but it said 'Yes, we are here again'. This look seemed to include an embarrassment too. Not UNA VERGUENZA but close to it. Like he was ashamed that he had been called out for yet another dickhead. The dickhead in question was Mr Ceresuela's wife Paquita (73). 'She isn't really his wife you know', the neighbours have told me, which I think must be some other kind of VERGUENZA but nevertheless she has been living with him and breaking his balls for the last nine years so yeh, you could call her his wife. They went off somewhere and then Henderson told me they had come again the day before but as it happens so often he couldn't be bothered to tell me. When I got home later I saw a weird blue powder on the floor in the hallway. We have since figured it to be the contents of the fire extinguisher but we have no idea of the saga that went on while we weren't there to witness it. Maybe Mr Ceresuela spontaneously combusted if there is such a thing and the policia put him out.

Tonight the cops were called again and this time plain clothes came and I heard one of them demand from Paquita, Mrs C, to tell him if she wanted to 'denounce' her husband or not. She started to go into some long winded story and he kept saying 'no, listen, do you want him arrested or not?'. In the end she succumbed and old Ceresuela was carted off by the two plain clothes in what Henderson described as a meat wagon that only had one headlight working, and then they took Paquita off somewhere too, and Henderson noted that that police car's back light wasn't working either. She has since been back and gone out again, to the disco probably to celebrate, but like Mercedes upstairs, without a problem now what will she do? perhaps she will get a dog...............

Yesterday I pointed the 'newish' mayor out to Henderson but I wish I hadn't 'cos he said, 'Wow! Hasn't he got a big head?'. I told him 'you can't go round saying these things you know', but he just continued in Spanish, 'que grande tu cabeza no?' and went on to laugh and say things like 'Que cabezon eres eh??!!' I dread the day I find myself in a similar situation with the present mayor as I did when I had to run across an art exhibition we found ourselves in at the diputacion where Henderson was about to launch into some tirade against the last mayor Fernando Elboj and I got there in time to clamp my hand over H's mouth before he ridiculed another poor soul.

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