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Tuesday, 8 March 2011


When I am not being harangued by my Ecuadorians neighbours or coming home to Mrs C and her husband's histrionics I like to play the part of bon viveur or vivant or perhaps Epicurean or is it epicure or sophisticated alcoholic even?  If I am honest, the only thing keeping me here apart from the love of a good man is my stomach's love of fine wine and good food. I can recommend any number of restaurants this side of the Pyrenees and one I enjoy going to is the Herve with its old school waiters and delicious traditional cooking. There is a wine here I like called the Reino de los Mallos and goes very well with the hearty fare they serve up at Herve. Another joint I found myself in the other night is the Juliana which is the cheaper sister of Tres Torres a Michelin star restaurant which I still haven't been to on account of the price.We went the other night to celebrate the return albeit brief of a Huescan boy who now lives in the States, Atlanta of all places. Home from home or at least a step in the right direction after his sojourn in Oklahoma. I think he is still shell shocked but then so am I but for different reasons.

On entering the school today I noticed that every classroom has the latest plea from the mayor on the lack of civilised behaviour in town pinned on its wall. In it he asks that a minority of the towns citizens ( ha! where does he live??) are making life hell for the rest of us and  for God's sake can you just treat the place you all claim to love so much ( Huesketa.....a love and desire for this town ) with a bit more respect? Well, words to that effect.  I need to get a copy to stick on the door downstairs, the one that had 'Marcos we will kill you' graffitied on it not so long ago, but it won't be long before someone pulls it down or writes stuff on it like the time my friend Lola pleaded with her neighbours to not throw cigarette butts on the floor of the lift or let their dogs shit in them, I mean the lift, not the butts. She told me everytime she tried to 'educate' her neighbours they wrote things like 'we don't live under Franco anymore you know' or 'who do you think you are? The army?'I saw a similar plea the other day from the president of another block of flats politely asking for neighbours to control their dogs of a morning so as not to wake everyone by their incessant barking and someone had written all the swear names under the sun on it. Sometimes I think the whole town should be served an ASBO.

Just to recap, the last time the police came for Mr and Mrs C they were told in so many words that if they called the police out again they would go to prison or be arrested, the pair of them. Latest tactics of Mr C is to stick toothpicks in the door lock so Mrs C can't get the key in the door on her return from taking out the rubbish. Ole!

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Lily said...

Isn't it funny how the plea from the mayor comes just when there's an election around the corner??? A-M, I've seen it at Miss E's childcare centre as they've put it right smack in the middle of the front entrance where you can't possibly miss it! I haven't seen it posted at Mr L's school though, and that's where it is mosted needed.