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Monday, 7 March 2011


I read recently that the Brits consume more beer than anyone else in Europe, 500 pints a year if I remember rightly. My first thought was 'is that all?' Then  I read that Spain has overtaken the Brits in the consumption of cocaine as opposed to being neck and neck in this race to get totally mashed. It comes as no surprise. I am always shocked at the amount of people who take cocaine back in London but every weekend here you can see it too, the worst being a young couple snorting it off the bonnet of some car. It used to be so much cheaper and safer and fewer deaths when there were all the illegal raves pre-24 hour drinking and no one drank alcohol only water and opened their minds and lay in fields tripping.

Yesterday I told a friend here about Henderson's lack of tact which he generally reserves for politicians and men who wear wigs. My friend told me she can't leave her six year old son with her mum, his granny, because she overheard her mum laughing at a fat woman on the tele and calling out for the grandson to 'come here, Franxo and see how gross and fat this woman is!' Then they called out for the grandad to come and see the abomination. My friend came in and saw them rolling around laughing and insulting the woman and she told her mum to stop doing this. Her mum asked why? and she told her why and the mother tutted and said ''Madre mia, you can't say anything nowadays'.

This morning two plain clothes coppers came for senora Ceresuela and took her away somewhere. I think as she had denounced her husband she now has to appear in court, who knows. Apparently the police came three times yesterday and I guess they are all getting fed up with this ridiculous scenario. I heard the copper say to Mrs C that she should just split up with Mr C but where would she go? She needs that flat and this has been the plan all along, to drive him mad and out. My initial interventions were received with verbal abuse from Mrs C but now she is the 'victim' despite her battering her husband and haranguing him till the early hours.

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