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Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Well finally we got the router last week but have only managed to get the WI-FI up and running which means I am writing this on my laptop. Broadband seems to evade us and I still don't know what we are doing wrong. We'll try again tomorrow. Life is just a series of sorting out 'stuff' on a greater or lesser scale which leads onto the latest saga with Trafico. Trafico or The Departamento Of. wrote to Henderson with a bill of about 18 euros thanks to the incompetencia of the ITV or MOT as it is known in Britain. For the last seven years his chassis number included the letters SSS when it should have read ZZZ and due to this he has been asked to cough up the above amount. We went to trafico with a friend who happened to know someone else who works there and to cut a very big argument short Henderson decided to just pay up and forget it when said mate told him he should first complain to the MOT lot and try to avoid paying. This is quite unusual in a culture where people don't often like to fill out complaint forms etc so it should be interesting to see who will ultimately get the blame and if he will get reimbursed, Ha!

On the way to trafico we walked through the park and saw that the roof of the bandstand where I am supposed to read childrens' stories on Saturday had collapsed or maybe it's 'en obras', being repaired, as I noticed the stage which surrounds the sculptures which are the symbol of Huesca, Las Pajaritas, has been dug up. The last minute option is often put in place and, with a bit of creativity and elbow grease is executed in time for the celebrations. Said stories will form part of the Feria del libro/Book Fair. Let's hope so.


Mike the Traditionalist said...

As you have your wi-fi connection up and running that means you are connected to the broadband service that Telefónica has provided you with. To take full advantage of the higher speed than wi-fi you need to have a cable connected from the wireless router to your desktop or even your laptop. Of course having the laptop connected via cable means you can't wander around. At the back of the desktop there should be a socket that looks a bit bigger than the one you see on your telephone connection. You need to have a cable plugged into that socket and the other end (which is identical to the one in the computer) plugged into one of the ports (sockets) on the router. The computer should make contact with the broadband service and away you go. Of course it all depends what operating system you are using on your computer. If you don't have an automatic connection then you have to go to the control panel and double click on network connections and follow the instructions. Of course you may have already got connected up since posting your blog because I am late reading this edition.

ANA said...

Thanks for your help. We took the computer in thinking we needed a 'targeta de red' which is what they told us at the Telefonica shop but when we got there they pointed out that we already had the socket! I have had to do a lot of technician work over the phone which I have written about but finaly we have it.I am so happy to be in the 21st century!

ANA said...

Finally, I mean.