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Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Or another cause for celebration could be the mayor has decided to abdicate, step down, vacate office, leave his sinking ship, run for cover or whatever it is you do when you owe everyone money. There is rumour that he is ill which wouldn't surprise me as he doesn't look himself of late. He is often quoted as saying no one else could do his job which doesn't inspire but I am sure there are loads of people who can't wait to take on the challenge of getting this town to work.

I found a scrap of paper with some references to the smoking ban in Spain and it said what looked like ' a panel of serious men......24% of bars....6,800 will close when the law is put in vinegar..' I think that last bit might want to read vigour. Underneath I had written 'el sinonimo de libertad'. Alongside it I had written 'Jesus is coming down the road on wheels, all mod cons here you know....' I think I am going to frame this little vignette and have a laugh in ten years time when I'm still waiting. Then again, the more inert I become the more likely it will kick in. Start holding your breath.

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