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Monday, 1 March 2010


There's nothing like a ray of sunshine to lift the spirits and so I was rather surprised to still feel gloomy when I saw one today, the first after so many waterlogged moths ( I mean months but I am sure they are). My first thought is that I probably need to take up a sport or exercise as they say this is a good remedy to shake off leaden spirits. Cricket is out of the question, golf I would only take up on account of the comfy looking clothes so predictably after much musing I am left with swimming which is just about the only thing I am capable of and the thought of having to put clothes back on in that environment makes me ill just thinking about it. I've developed an idea that dancing round the house while no one is looking and singing new versions of old songs might be the restorer needed so watch this space.

Talking of sports I do feel like throwing myself off a cliff everytime Sebastian Coe's face looms out at me across the living room floor. I think it might be the last day of the Winter Olympics and the beginning of the end as it only serves as a reminder that London's gymkhana is not far off. I read in today's paper that the mayor of Zaragoza is, if I have understood correctly, being entertained in Canada as we speak in that ongoing, vain attempt at getting the Winter Olympics staged here in Aragon. I've made it clear that I am not a big sports fan but I would love to see the them staged here, purely for the entertainment value. The Brits would win if there was a binge drinking contest and perhaps one for teenage mothers and STDs but The Aragonese would win gold in the stubborness trials. Or perhaps the 'me pasan olimpicamente', 'they completely ignore me' event which could be turned into a triathlon if we include the 'greased up pig catching comp' that they hold here somewhere in the mountains and then someone can jump into a car and try to to run someone over.

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