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Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Not much going on in the town apart from the PP ( Partido Popular) retorts on the all talk no action regarding the pedestrianisation I have given up on. Also seen an old blog back in May when I stupidly told some friends they would soon pedestrianise the road we were then sitting in. Not the friends, although getting them to do it would be a lot quicker. It's a road that consists of broken tiles that were set in a previous attempt to civilize the town, perhaps in the seventies judging by the colour. It reminds me of a comment I once read on Andorra. It will be nice when it is finished.

I read in the local paper that the workplace where you are most likely to die in this province is the service sector. This was accompanied by a photo of a waiter taking an order in what looked like the cafe in the park. I can't imagine how they die but I would have thought teaching had a higher mortality rate judging by my stress levels thanks to the unreasonable behaviour of classes 4A and B. Today's second attempt at doing a 'show and tell' turned into a scene from Monty Python.

I mentioned before the 'easing in' of new habits and customs here in Spain. "Easing in' or 'eased in' has to be pronounced with a certain long drawn out voice that makes you sound a bit constipated I suppose or the sound you might make if a shoe horn was involved. Anyway, this 'easing in' also includes learning English and in some parts of Spain this is still way behind countries like Portugal which is next door but never mentioned like an unwelcome cousin.

Forgot to mention that the ice that lay between me and Mercedes has appeared to have thawed a little. I have been dodging her for weeks now running up alleys and darting round corners like some caped maniac. This is one of the perils of living in a village and one of the delights of living in a big city the bumping in or not of people you are keen to avoid. It was inevitable that she would shimmy round the corner, and it is always the same bloody corner, with mutt in tow. The other night I had had a couple of 'sharpeners' and wasn't in the mood but was ready for anything when we collided on the street where we live. Pleasantries were exchanged, questions on where I had been were asked and then she told me of her latest ailment which involves her eyes to which I very ungallantly asked 'are you blind?' I think it is a deep seated memory of an old woman in Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals who had so many ailments which makes me respond in a pitiless (Ha!) way. That or my own increasing pains and love of rehearsing them.

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