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Monday, 21 December 2009


I left the bar last night and could hear loud techno/dance music which seemed to be coming from a truck which had been parked or rather, as most things here are, wedged between a tapas bar and a chemist's. The music was quite pleasing in a sort of let's get drunk and dance the night away to music we wouldn't normally listen to. It was what I call a perfect moment as a small child went whizzing by on her scooter and an even smaller kid cocooned in pink started to dance to the music bellowing from the truck. One of those brief moments when everything in the universe seems to click into place and I am overwhelmed with love for my fellow man.

My love was limited when I heard what sounded like Mercedes dismantling her radiator at six o'clock this morning. Spanish people are made up of larks and night owls and she is the former which I guess I should be grateful for. Piti seems to spend more time with his owner and less time making my life a misery and it is comforting to know that all day the air upstairs was alive with the sounds of grandchildren being bathed, said dog barking in a a relatively normal way everytime someone knocked on the door.

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