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Sunday, 20 December 2009


Not sure about the above title but it might have something to do with being asked why The British are often referred to as 'Perfida Albion' or Perfidious Albion and the only answer I have is that all fascist countries like to refer to us as this to make themselves feel good. Any other thoughts will be appreciated.

So I am delighted with my Christmas present and am writing this blog from a cafe where they don't seem to mind me using my lovely new 'portatil' or laptop. So I can do two of my many hobbies at once, drinking and writing. My main hobby is eating out and yesterday we found ourselves at The Tomate Jamon eating Migas with eggs followed by rabbit and terminating in a pudding which goes by the name 'Torrija' or Torreja'. I can never remember as I am always too content by the time pudding arrives.

So I guess I should thank the Uruguayan government for the laptop present as I convinced Henderson that I wouldn't have to pay for using it in a cafe or public building that had Wi-Fi as said government wouldn't have bought every school kid one and then expected them to have a bill with whatever bastards are over there instead of the ones here, namely Telefonica. I've just got back from Vodafone and they seem to be as expensive and as confusing as the main culprit. they both bamboozled me with offers and suggestions even when I asked for the cheapest and most basic way of getting Wi-Fi for my home. It's like signing a contract with the devil.

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