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Tuesday, 28 July 2009


The last days at the camp were best spent amongst other things, dancing around to the tunes of the hardest working man in showbusiness, the late great Mr James Brown. Adriana, seven, from Madrid asked me if I wouldn't mind sending her a copy for her birthday next January. I was so taken with this kid that I made her the copy that night and along with several copies of The Beano I delivered the next day. It made me wonder what things make children so happy. Why we as adults delight in their happy faces. Watching them perform on the stage brought a 'weep I know why' feeling and even Henderson had a proud father look about him. Good mates, love of animals, dancing and not dancing, sweet things, sleep, feeling safe, trying new things, not being bored. Not much different from us old ones then.

I tried an experiment and it worked. I wrote glib remarks, far glibber than the ones I write here, on someone else's blog to see if I could get some interest other than you Laurel, Marge, Gary or Justin if you are all still there/here. It worked but I still need a week to work out how to run this blog properly and not just have it as something to let's face it, entertain myself. If I were to write anything of worth or start to wind up the mayor, the locals, the various political parties etc I might gain a readership but I don't care. Like staring at a fat man in a check suit when you realise nothing matters.

Anyway, the blog has helped me to write other things off piste so that's the main thing. Only to be viewed when and if.

Being at the camp has left me feeling spaced out on my return to our humble little town. The council still hasn't started any of the proposed pedestrianisation. There is a plaza round the corner which has some buildings about to collapse so the council has decided to pull them down before the big fiesta of San Lorenzo. They have also decided to stop traffic through the centre of town on Saturdays or some Saturdays. It won't kick in till after San Lorenzo. It is a pilot to see how folk cope but it is more like an 'easing in' of change as some people don't like the idea of cars being prohibited in the centre of town. For selfish reasons I would like it to happen as my road is part of the big plan here and the Plaza Alfonso El Batallador one of my favourite squares and in desperate need of care and attention. This plan has been on the cards for at least ten years. It will be interesting to see how long it takes. Don't hold your breath.

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