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Saturday, 11 July 2009


A man was gored to death yesterday by a bull in Pamplona or perhaps it should be the bull gorged itself on the man. Either way it is certainly a way to go. Died in his sleep is for neurotics like me. The thing that always amazes me is that the Spanish tele will play the scenario over and over again, even reversing the footage back and forth making it look like a programme by Harry Hill or Benny Hill for that matter. One of the presenters was chuckling away at the incident although I can't see what's so funny about it all. Later I read some of the comments from people who had written into the various British newspapers who wrote about the death and it was full of glib remarks like 'serves him right bloody idiot', 'one for the bulls' , 'wish more had been taken' and 'Spain should never have been allowed to join the EU'. There were also some comments about the loss of life in Afghanistan and today I heard eight more soldiers have died in the last twenty four hours. It's amazing and interesting what people will risk their lives for and even more 'halucinante' what is considered brave or stupid.

Talking of stupid I watched the Jonathon Ross Show last night. I'm not a fan but even he seemed frozen to the spot when one of his guests, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood who is also famous for never watching the tele, invited herself on the show as she felt it was absolutely imperative she warned us all of something. It turns out that she has recently discovered via James Lovelock that the earth is heating up, that we can reverse it and if not, in the future there will be about a billion of us left to survive and all the rest of the horror that goes with it. I think the message here is that if Vivienne had watched the tele she might have known what we all already know and think about each and every day as we keep switching lights off, recycling, changing our lifestyles etc. For God's sake tell us what to do and we will do it! I guess the other message is if you are thinking of becoming a fashion designer be warned. I've met loads of them and they are as thick as some of the locals here and dress as bad too.

The following guest was James May from the Top Gear Programme. A man who thanks to technology has flown 70,000 feet in the air and 'seen' space. He also saw the curve of the earth and wept and knew why when he got what he called a 'hippy moment' as he gazed down from up there with all the emotion you would expect if you had the chance to see it. I hate flying but I would love to be able to do this and whether you like it or not, the message here is we need people like James May and his colleagues as they make the best and most imformative programmes on what hopefully will see the demise of the petrol run car. You will thank him.

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