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Thursday, 25 September 2008


When Zaragoza won whatever it is to host the Expo, Huesca jumped on the bandwagon and insisted it would feel the effects and benefit in some way. I remember thinking this is exactly why the Zaragozans call the Huescans, or Oscenses, a bunch of 'Fatos'. A cast of idiots who think they are the best at everything. So it comes as no surprise that the PP here are claiming the whole thing was a fiasco in regards to the knock on effect expected. There are rumours of empty buses that were meant to ferry the hordes of people clamouring to get to this backwater and cancelled catering. Lining and pockets are the words I think I'm trying to grasp. If you think that punters at an Expo are not going to be satisfied with walking around for hours and that they can't wait to hop on a bus and go for an hour's drive to another town that has little else to offer then you deserve to be called a 'Fato'. If I express these feelings here I will only get labelled a PP supporter which couldn't be further from the truth so I'll just leave it for now...................

On a sadder note I've just found out one of my favourite birds the 'Quebrantahuesos', ( the 'Bone Crusher') or, I believe, the Bearded Vulture as it is known in English has been found dead in the Ordesa Valley. It was a chick that had been released after being raised for five months as part of a captive breeding programme if I understood the article correctly. I remember the first time I saw a pair of these magnificent birds in the valley of Broto and how I was left feeling awestruck.

I was given a Bonsai recently during my spell in San Jorge hospital and like a blog it needs nurturing and I'm a bit worried I am going to be a terrible parent to both of them. I've noticed my editing doesn't always work when I check my spelling and change punctuation and I'm not sure why this should be. So I think an early night is needed if I am to keep this lark up. Let's hope the bleeders next door don't start arguing at four in the morning and the bird who impersonates a submarine doesn't kick off either.

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