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Friday, 19 September 2008


One of the reasons I am here is due to my insomnia. I wanted to live somewhere where it didn't matter what time you went to bed and sleeping in the afternoon could be a guilt free experience. I have to say that the siesta is the best thing the Spanish invented although the Aragonese will remind you they invented the mop. The man who invented the mop apparently invented or patented the first throw away syringe. I have no idea if any of this is true and would like the record put straight if anyone is reading this. If not, I will die happy knowing I have never had to get on my hands and knees to scrub a floor.

Getting back to the insomnia it was an article in the Evening Standard back home about Valencia if I am not mistaken where the emblem is a bat. That bat inspired me to come but I never made it to Valencia and ended up here, a backwater with all the provincial squeamishness you would expect from a town that other Spaniards have never heard of. I often wonder if the place actually exists but it doesn't take long before I am reminded by a local that the centre of the universe is here and of course I won't argue with that as, and I have said this before, you do not want to get into a discussion on anything with an Aragonese.

My only gripe with the insomnia now is the sound of the church bell tolling on the hour, the quarter past the hour, the half past and the quarter to and so I am often left thinking it is three in the morning when it is actually quarter to six. I say the church when I mean the churches and I can hear them all from San Lorenzo up to Perpetuo Socoorro. And on that note I must try to get some sleep as it is Saturday tomorrow my favourite day and the Lidl beckons........

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