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Saturday, 17 September 2011


I'm still reeling from the riots I witnessed on my recent trip to the motherland but what has really fascinated me is the Yin and Yang of everything that is wrong with Britain today. I refer of course to the EDL and the Muslims Against the Crusaders. What they have against a soul group is anybody's guess. I suppose I should have started this blog with the line 'are there any Muslims against the Crusaders or anti-Muslims against the Crusaders in tonight?' and add 'you might like to leave now the pair of you'. There's something very disturbing about the image of men with beards and bald men acting like it was the Battle of Lepanto or something. The bit I'm getting at is the inability to shut up for just one minute during the minute's silence on September 11th. God they're trying. I'm beginning to wonder if the two groups are working together, agents provocateurs with a double bluff. Both looks or styles are a bit too contrived for me, like when the police dress up and pretend they want to buy drugs from you. Or Lady Gaga or the Archbishop of Canterbury. No one who puts that much effort into how they look should be taken seriously.

Reeling is one thing but recoil is what I do every time that man Ed Balls appears, looming into my living room. He has a similar sweaty composure as a bloke called Tony McNulty who may or may not have been the Minsiter ( Minister even..)of Employment. I've yet to suss out where our mayoress is coming from. Her name is Ana Alos but H calls her Ana a Los Cojones for reasons only known to himself. Give it time and we will see if she can drag the town somewhere near the 21st century. She may even live up to her name one day.


Brett Hetherington said...

I share your aversion to Ed Balls about as much as I have a similar (strong) aversion to hunting.

The problem is an old guy we talk to on our dog-walks through the vineyards has taken a shine to our (I thought mixed-race) Breton dog. He has invited me and her out to use his old Guardia Civil rifle!

What to do?

ANA said...

I would go but on the condition I could just shoot at tin cans perched on a wall.He's going to go anyway but it could be an an interesting day out,these things often are especially in Spain where they usually have a surreal edge to them.If you are not a vegetarian and he shoots something that he will cook later it might be an eye opener. Like that programme 'Kill it,Cook it, Eat it'.Or then again it might not and it could be upsetting. I would go just to test myself out!

ANA said...

Did you go? I'm getting worried now.

Brett Hetherington said...

Sorry. Very busy with work. No, we haven´t gone yet but my aversion to hunting is as a "sport." If the animal is eaten then I have no fundamental problem with a hunt, unless it is done in a cruel way such as prolonging the chase, as in fox hunting, or has an element of torture. I haven´t seen the guy since. I think he wants to go on the 13th of the month on a public holiday.

ANA said...

OK. I'd be interested to hear what happens if you do decide to go!