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Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Things have been a bit calm since the uprising amongst the natives in Bar Rugaca. Ever since I plied them with ideas, you know, made them think twice as opposed to never. Probably the most exciting thing to happen since opening and closing a door loudly. On the subject of noise and rabble rousers, in place of Piti we now have the phantom hammer. I can't work out where it is coming from in order to go and give the owner a mouthful and an ear pressed to the wall only distorts its origin.

Last weekend proved to be a great one with lunch at the Tomate Jamon and nipping down to Bolea for the cherry festival. The cherries here are the best I have ever tasted and so we stocked up and I even bought a horde of garlic from a gypsy who knocked one euro off the price especially for me he reckoned. Our friend Puig gave us a lift and we managed to stink her car out with the garlic and now it is stinking out our trastero and doing a good job of keeping the vampires away and the heart in good nick. We also bought goats' cheese and some deer sausage. We saw some sausage called Gamo and we asked what this was and the seller looked at us like we were mad and said it came from deer of course. We gave a lift there and back to one of the locals from the next village Puibolea. Cisto, who regaled us with his jokes, two of which I got and one that involved a mayor, a councillor and a priest I didn't. Later we had lunch with Rosa in her wonderful house with views across to the Pico de Gratal.

Finally, a bit out of date but I read, ARCHBISHOP NO ONE VOTED FOR FRIGHTENING COALITION POLICIES.Well that's what I thought it said.

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