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Tuesday, 24 May 2011


As the protesters continue here and in Madrid I wonder how long it will be till the police are called in and then the army and then civil war. The main gripe is the two main parties are corrupt and there are no alternatives or that something revolutionary is occuring. Is this really happening or am I getting old? Someone older than me, an economist called Jose Luis Sampedro believes something will come of all this, something good, a change, that it has to, but what? Something so visionary that someone with an ego like mine can't envisage. On Sunday I voted for the CHA as they had written up their manifesto on a pamphlet that was easy to grasp and most of it I am in favour for except the bit written in Aragonese. All those folk who didn't vote could have made a change and then at least we could have given the winning party the benefit of the doubt, that is to say, let them see if they can run things better. Madrid feels a million miles away here in this sleepy town and I can't feel anything revolutionary happening here at all. All the things H and I have been complaining about since we have been here and we have since shut up about despite friends saying 'no, you should get involved' ( so they didn't have to?) seem to be the same things the protesters are complaining about. Sadly, most of my time and energy went trying to sort out the anti-social behaviour of my neighbours, a feat that nearly broke me and had me running to Dorset. The Spanish are anarchists by nature and don't listen to one another or anyone for that matter and so I think things could get interesting here.

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