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Sunday, 15 May 2011

There was an earthquake here in Spain yesterday. I know this because my mum told me on the phone from England while Henderson fiddled in vain with the tele here trying to pick up something he wanted to watch in English. Meanwhile I checked El Pais and saw by the various photos of dead bodies that it was true. I am sure that loads of people are even more convinced that the world is going to end or, as I read recently, 'mother nature is not happy with us'. Well, she never has, before, during or after.

Meanwhile, back in the unreal world I nearly got run over, for a change, on a zebra crossing by a van driven by the PP, or the Popular Party, or People's Party as it is sometimes referred to in English, oh alright, a bunch of right wing fascists according to some. Never mind that the van had 'Centradas en Ti' written on the side and I almost became centrada on its bonnet. This van is hauled out every election and plays the same old tune, from its loudspeaker which resembles a tune you might have heard in a cinema during the 70's accompanying one of those adverts before the film. Its kind of upbeat and cheery and has me and H entertained as it passes by the kitchen window. Then there are the PSOE, or Socialists or Failed Communists who get schtick from the IU, the only ones who speak any sense until they say something totally opposite to your point of view which makes you feel even more alienated from the whole bunch of various mugs staring out at you from billboards often with a red nose drawn on or some uncomplimentary comment underneath. Theres a whole line of fizzogs gawping at ya from outside the casino and I must say it is tempting to get out a permanent marker but what to say what? There's always the CHA. Their candidate or one of their spokemen lives across the road from me and he may or may not be related along with another CHA politico to Mr C next door. I know this as Mr C used to drive a smashed up Opel Corsa with a sticker in the back which said 'Charra me en Aragonse' which roughly translates to 'Talk with Me in Aragones' and a friend said there was no way he would have this sticker in the back of his car unless someone related had given it to him. So that's where I went wrong then.

As for Piti, everytime he sees me he has his tail between his legs which he does pretty well for a dog and his owner gives me the cold shoulder which sounds like a good title for a song. Perhaps I will sing along these lyrics when the PP van next goes by. Talking of Mr C, he has been, according to one neighbour, diagnosed with Alzheimer's which I can only presume is the polite way or only way of dealing with him being a chronic alcoholic whose missis wants him dead so she can get his flat. She has been very quiet so far and a model neighbour and so thats what you do. Drive your spouse mad and get them incarcerated one way or another or so it seems.

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