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Sunday, 15 May 2011


Actually the earthquake wasn't yesterday but the blog doesn't post stuff you saved in a draft with the date you saved it so sorry about that. However, two days ago a woman had her head cut off in Tenerife by a madman which gave us all nightmares and the Daily Mail a reason for living. I took myself as far away as possible to the mountains on the Canfranero again with a friend, Rosa to sit for a few hours watching the landscape roll by with all its poppies against the yellow, green and purple grasses. A continous bucolic scene which ends with an amazing destination, good company, fantastic lunch, walk along the Paseo de los Melancolicos, drinks in the bar, train journey home with views that make you feel you are suspended in space and finally bed and a sleep not matched since childhood. I even got to the bottom of the anchor H and I found a couple of years ago in the small park in this village. ( See blog 26th April 2009.) This was the place where I turned a drinking tap on and couldn't turn the bloody thing off. H and I left the village in a hurry and now, two years later and just as egocentric, I viewed the park in dismay. There wasn't a blade of grass left and there was a line of destruction from the drinking fountain to street level. In the tourist office I asked what happened to the poor park thinking they were going to say some idiot left the tap on for two years but it was just some laying of cable and don't worry the council will sow some seeds and all will be well again. I then asked what the anchor was all about and the mayor who happened to be there told us that a man from the village had worked for the ferry company that served the Med and at some point, probably his retirement, he was presented with the anchor and then, as you do, he dumped it in the park for future visitors like me to ask about.

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