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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

There is a film out which doesn't need any promoting, about a king with a stutter. I can't wait to see the Spanish dubbed version. This is going to be my answer to everything from now on regarding my neighbours and their gossiping. That they only know the dubbed version and not the version original. On the subject of neighbours I often find myself in the position of 'I've seen it all', but today the 'effing bleeder' next door and his lovely lady wife were seen to be at it again with him barring her from entering their or should I say his flat. She has recently taken command of the keys and locks him in but he's getting clever now, he either had a very large wardrobe in front of the door or he's taken to drinking Red Bull. She managed to get the key in the door but he was on the other side acting like the stubborn fato that he is.They were at it for twenty minutes and in the end the wife went off threatening to call the police and tell them that he had taken a pill and that she didn't know whether he was dead or alive. Twenty minutes later I could hear a right kerfuffle outside my door with people discussing whether it was flat 1E for Espana or 1D for Dickhead presumably. Muggins here with the flu and a burly police man outside trying to put  the C U Next Tuesday's keys in my door. I flung the door open resplendent in my pyjamas and Tetley Tea slippers. PC Plod demanded he enter my flat and where was my husband to which I replied he was at the Academy and I was feeling a little more than under the weather. Behind him were about ten other bods in the guise of policemen and women, ambulance folk with what looked like resuscitating gear, social services and someone with what looked like cutting equipment. They realised their error and I even heard one of the crew refer to me as la chica which made me laugh especially the state I was in. I closed the door to let them get on with it and overheard the copper enter the arsehole's flat and exclaim 'he's in here eating flan'. So, another five hundred euros wasted on how may times have they been called out?


Brett Hetherington said...

For some reason it's the bit where there's this exclamation of "He's in here eating flan," that makes the story. You live in a "very colourful" building. I'm sorry about that. (But it IS entertaining from (safe) a distance.)

ANA said...

I'm dreading this year's 'reunion de la communidad...'