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Wednesday, 28 April 2010


They seem to have sorted out the pedestrianised bit of Huesca. There are new 'pivotes' or, as the local paper said, 'also known as 'bolardos', or Bollards'. The paper added that everyone had some form of entering the street if need be and that a remote control was available amongst other things. Another street was quoted as being a disaster when they tried to pedestrianise it as people made copies of the remote control. There seems to be an element of not wanting this to work but finally everyone seemed to be happy and understood the idea and I could imagine the Mobility councillors face when he added that although this was a new thing here 'it already exists in other cities.'

There are several words in Spanish that I can count on to embarrass me. The Media in Spanish is I believe, Los Medios but somehow I always say Las Medias which is the same as saying The Tights. The other one I have to watch out for is The Bill or My Account which is La Cuenta which I often forget is feminine and call it El Cuento which is the same as asking for your Story at the bank or in a bar. I almost forgot I get Apuesta, a bet, mixed up with apuesto which means a handsome elegant man.

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