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Friday, 24 July 2009


Due to unforseen circumstances we both held up the cake shop..............The story behind this is a long one but let's just say this household will be gorging itself on Pastel Vasco, Pan de San Lorenzo, Roscillas, Tarta Queso con regaliz, Merengue de Limon, Bizcocho Chocolate con Albariqoque among others for the next few days. It will also help out with the expense of the fish lunch that was thrown in the bin with tears but not on my part. Confused? Not as confused as I am for as well as cake scenes we have to deal with a family next door that insists on screaming every day around three and the effing bleeders coming home drunk and having their five thousand and thirty fifth argument. They average three a day so after seven years it must run into the thousands.

Anyway, The Irish have left with grey hair and one of them has probably gone bald due to the stress of the summer camp. I am sure some wagons have been leapt back on. I haven't had the time to write as I am too busy heading towards one of two favourite places, bed. The other one being a bar with a good view and no jukebox.The children in the other summer camp seem more chilled out and their level of English is higher so at least you can have a diverting time. I am convinced that the better their English gets the more eccentric they become. They start to display characteristics that are so un-chavlike if there is such a word. Like not shouting and having more patience than the rest. That old chestnut 'reserve' comes into the equation although I am now convinced it isn't reserve or being 'cold' it is respect for other people's space. They are usually the ones to give out to the others who hold the certificate to do exactly what they like when they like.

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