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Monday, 6 April 2009


I suppose there shouldn't be any reason why I feel I have to write such a lengthy tome every day and perhaps it is better to keep it shorter and sweeter...........

Well, just got in from a hospital appointment that was for nine o'clock this evening. I thought maybe it was a mistake and rang earlier but they said it was OK. When we got there we had to ask several cleaners where the room was and there was another couple waiting which reassured me I hadn't stepped into some nightmarish scenario as hospitals are also on my list of bete noirs.So quite a strange experience.

Earlier I could hear Piti barking or rather howling and generally displaying his usual neurotic behaviour downstairs in the garage and I asked myself 'could it be that he is buggering off for Easter? Giving Huesca the finger?' I guess so as I caught a glimpse of Mercedes' daughter's car spinning off into the distance packed out with all the necessary family, dogs, budgies and medicines which they are going to need to survive the festivities down in Teruel.

Due to Piti's unreasonable behaviour one would think that I didn't like dogs but it couldn't be further from the truth as I am a dog lover and find myself gravitating towards having one the older I get. If I were a dog I would be a Boston Terrier with my ancestor's scrappy ways and inbred self-importance but I think I am repeating myself here. I might start describing people as though they were dogs. Stuff like ' well she's alert and kind indicating a high degree of intelligence' or 'he's devoted and well mannered but enjoys playing and chasing balls.' I thought about which dog Henderson might be but decided he was more like a clock, a trusty old timepiece.

Lastly, on the subject of clocks I have another confession. For a while, while I wasn't really paying attention so I guess I can be excused, I thought that there was a Team O' Glock in the Formula One. Of the Irish variety I speculated but it turns out to be a German going by the name Timo Glock or something like that so another image shattered.

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